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KGCA approves All-State Golf Awards

Boys and Girls
All State Honors.

The following criteria will be used to select 1st, 2nd and Honorable Mention Teams for all classes in boys golf. 1. Scores will be taken from Adjusted Scoring Average on www.kansasgolfscores.com the adjusted scoring average includes the courses slope and rating in the adjusted average.

2. Player must have played in a minimum of 6 Varsity Tournaments.

3. All tournaments played and entered on the website must be used. If a tournament is deemed not usable because of wind, rain, temperature, course conditions, course too easy, etc. or all 18 holes are not completed due to weather, that tournaments rules committee can decide to not include tournament in the season averages, and the tournament will be excluded and none of the scores for any players will be used in the season scoring average. Regional and State Tournaments must be used in the scoring average. Executive Courses cannot be used in the season scoring average.

4. Scores will not be averaged by hand on a player by player basis, scores must come from tournament adjusted scoring averages entered on the website.

5. If the host school or coach does not enter the scores on the website, another coach may enter the scores as long as they enter the entire tournament for all players; and as long as it is done before the State Tournament. Every effort will be made to enter all tournaments into the website during the season so the scoring average is accurate. After the conclusion of the season and the scoring averages are considered final by the golf board, no other scores or tournaments will be added, it is up to all of the coaches during the season to make sure all tournaments are entered.

6. Honors
Six 1st Team Members
Six 2nd Team All State
Six Honorable Mention

7. If there is a tie for the 6th spot on 1st team or 12th spot on 2nd team scores from the State Tournament will used break the tie. If not broken, score from Regional tournament will be used. If still tied all those tied will be given first or second team award. Adjusted Scoring Average will be taken to the tenth place. If there is a tie for the 18th spot on the Honorable Mention team ties will not be broken and all those tied will be given an HM All State Award.

8, Special Circumstances: coaches may request a player be considered or not be considered due to special circumstances that may include but not be limited to illness, injury, disciplinary reasons, scheduling conflicts etc. in regards to the minimum number of tournaments requirement or other requirement that may not have been met. Requests need to be made to the KGCA Class Rep before the State Tournament.

9. School must have paid $25.00 to be a member of the Kansas Golf Coaches Association for their players to be eligible.

10. KGCA Class Reps will serve as All - State Chairpersons, unless otherwise designated by the Golf Board.

Class Reps

6A - Jared Goehring - Washburn Rural

5A - Ryan Best - St Thomas Aquinas

3-4A - Dave Bertholf - Winfield

Sand 1-2A- Matt Carroll - Ellis